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Asian International Community Basketball League HK

Competition Rules & Regulations - Adults (Updated Season 20 (SPRING) - 2017)

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AICBL Mission Statement

The aim and purpose of the AICBL is to provide organised, competitive and enjoyable Social basketball competition for all residents in Hong Kong. The underlying philosophy and main objective of the AICBL is to provide sporting opportunities that foster the development of players and teams of all abilities and for all ages. The competitive process is designed to improve the level of team performance through close competitions, but minimize the negative effects of mismatched teams. The development of an individual's physical, social well-being and the concept of ‘Fair Play’ is an important objective of the AICBL.

AICBL Code of Conduct

The aim of the Code of Conduct is to provide an agreed upon document that outlines the aims and responsibilities of all people involved in teams; coaches, players and parents. In the end, the idea is to have fun, enjoy team spirit and play the game in a responsible, fair way. The Code of Conduct of the AICBL will be an underpinning tool to the league rules and regulations of the league. All players, coaches, parents and even spectators should adhere to the codes. Copies of the Codes of Conducts should be distributed to members and discussed accordingly. An overview of the role of the Game Supervisor that oversees that the Conduct is being implemented at games will be made available on the website

The AICBL is Community Focused!

The AICBL is a community league that focus’s on developing a social league that is fair, fun, competitive and encourages building relationships within our community (see Mission Statement). We will welcome participation with the development of the AICBL via feedback and consultation with club members via the Technical Committee.

AICBL History Overview

Youth Division

The Asian International Community Basketball League (Hong Kong) commenced in 2010 to provide a quality basketball league option for the junior students in Hong Kong. There are Saturday leagues twice a year in the Fall and Spring Seasons
• NOTE – Current Youth Division brochure information link –

Adult’s Divisions

The Adult’s League commenced in December 2010, after long time SCBL owner Dave Gee retired. Be Fit Sports felt at the time that it should expand the AICBL to include an Adults division. We did this by linking the adult’s division with the youth division concepts to provide another quality basketball league option in Hong Kong. In May 2012 the Women’s conference commenced to be a more inclusive league! There are 3 seasons per year for the Fall (September – December), Winter (January – April) and Spring Seasons (May – August)

1. AICBL Team / Club Membership

Currently the AICBL membership consists of member clubs, which come from schools, community groups, and neighbourhood teams. In the Youth division teams are competing in Under 10 (U/10), Under 12 (U12), Under 14 (U14), Under 16 (U16) and Under 20 (U20) age group league competitions for boys and girls. In the Adults divisions the age groups are open and there are conferences, that as much as practically possible. are even and balanced in skills and abilities. By participating in the AICBL, teams and their representatives agree to abide by all AICBL rules, codes of conducts, regulations and practices.

2. AICBL Administration

The AICBL is commercially owned and administered by Be Fit Sports. They will take on the administration and development of the league. Since 2007 they have provided a Basketball Development Program for juniors in HK and they believe they have the technical and basketball skills required to oversee a successful league (please see our website for more information). Be Fit Sports will provide trained and experienced game supervisors at matches that oversee the implementation of schedules, rules and be a source of contact at all games. All marketing activities and commercial ownership of the AICBL is solely with Be Fit Sports, a Hong Kong registered company (Ozlink Ltd). Contact can be made by email and phone 91575615.

2.1 AICBL Technical Committee (feedback)

The AICBL where required will implement a Technical Committee which invites ONE representative from each member club. Due to the variances and policies required for each ADULT and YOUTH Division there shall be a separate committee for each of the divisions. The Committee will then make decisions regarding matters and issues related to ’rules & regulations', ’season scheduling' and ’disciplinary matters'. Be Fit Sports will provide the Chair and administrative assistant for the committees plus invite two experienced advisors to assist with meetings.

2.2 AICBL Disciplinary Committee

One representative from each team / club or school may be nominated for the disciplinary committee and he/she may be called upon if the need arises. The league organiser shall formulate the league committee as outlined rule 14.

2.3 Game Supervisors

Game Supervisors will be designated to each AICBL night/day to oversee games and that the objectives of the league are being met. The supervisor will be trained and educated on league rules and regulations. They will also strive to ensure as much as reasonably possible that they are equipped to implement league operations efficiently and to handle enquiries for the league. The supervisors will provide feedback and reports to the League Technical Committee and AICBL League Organiser. An overview of the role of the Game Supervisor will be made available on the website

2.4 League Details and Invitations

Each season the website ( will have the latest and upcoming season information. This will be located in the ‘Register Now’ link. Be Fit Sports ( will also provide information and links to member clubs options for players. This will be located in the ‘Programs’ link.

3. AICBL League Competitions Rules

The AICBL considers itself to be a development league and the AICBL Rules & Regulations reflect the different needs and capabilities of various age groups and its participants. There shall be separate rules for Adults and Youth Divisions respectively. Modifications of FIBA rules for the AICBL will be required due to that variances and intricacies of the respective Divisions. Each AICBL League game shall have the latest rules available as ratified and approved by the Technical Committee prior to each season. These shall also be posted on the AICBL Website ( prior to the commencement of each season. All matches shall be conducted in accordance with FIBA rules except for the committee approved modifications:

3.1 Game Duration

All League Games are to be played as follows: International Basketball Rules except for approved modifications. Current games will be 10 minute quarters. Shooting Foul penalties after the 4th Team foul.. No time outs. 2nd overtime will be 1 minute running clock. Possession arrow and foul penalty situations will carry over into overtime

3.1.1 Overtimes – Fully Timed Games ONLY
2 minutes stop clock. This will be for the first and second overtime only. Then Penalty Shoot Out Applies instead of a 3rd Overtime

3.1.2 Overtimes – Penalty Shoot Out
A Player from each team will shoot a free throw. The team wins the shoot out where their player makes the free throw and the other team player misses. If both team players make or miss the free throw then the next team members compete. Teams designate their free throw shooters however players cannot shoot multiple attempts until all team members have had their attempt.

3.1.3 Fully Timed Games

Each season FINALS will be a fully timed game. Note player fouls will be 6 for these games. Some Conferences may also have a season of fully timed games pending interest from teams. NOTE WHERE THE LEAGUE IS ABLE TO ACQUIRE 3 HOURS OF COURTS THEN THE FULLY TIMED GAMES TAKE PREFERENCE. All Teams in League that have a scheduled fully timed game must be available for those matches

3.2 Game Balls

The referee prior to each game shall decide at their discretion which ball will be used for the game.

3.3 Team Colours/ Uniforms

3.3.1 ALL teams will be required to purchase their own uniforms!

All players from one team must wear the same colour uniform.

All players on the court should be identifiable by a number on the jersey on BOTH, the back and the front of the jersey. A matching set of uniform BUT WITHOUT numbers on the front and back is not considered complete and will not be allowed.

One player may reverse a uniform (where possible) to therefore become 00. Players with the same number will NOT be allowed to enter the court in the same game.

3.3.2 Opposing teams are NOT allowed to wear the same shirt colour in a league match. In the event of a clash of colours, the team wearing the team colour listed on the website will be granted the win.

3.3.3 Players should wear basic basketball attire which has been approved by the league. Proper basketball shoes with no black soles, shorts without pockets, no jewellery such as chains, metal bangles, sharp rings etc. shall be worn during play. Finger nails of all players should be trimmed.

3.3.4 All visible body piercing must be removed or taped before entry to the court for match play.

3.3.5 Protective or injury induced equipment such as knee, wrist, finger or hand braces or bands are allowed for players that have sustained injuries, but they must be worn in a protective and non-hazardous way that will not endanger any player/s on the court during match play. These may be inspected and approved by the referees in charge of the match. Eye glasses (non enhanced protective eye wear) are not permitted to be worn by players.

3.3.6The AICBL shall IF AVAILABLE provide a limited amount of uniforms for teams that do not have their own. This will be on a ‘first come / first served’ basis on a ‘bond system’. Captains shall pay a bond for each jersey that is refundable upon return to the AICBL in a suitable condition. 3.3.7 The AICBL can assist teams attain jerseys through their manufacturer contacts. Contact the AICBL for further information 3.3.8 Where two teams have THE SAME UNIFORM COLOUR then the Home team (first team on schedule to the left) shall have preference. HOME TEAM IS CONSIDERED FIRST TEAM ON THE SCHEDULE AND SHALL BE IF NEEDED BE THE ‘WHITE/LIGHT COLOURED’ UNIFORM

3.4 ‘No Draw’ Rule

Drawn matches are not allowed in the AICBL.

3.5 ‘No Show’ Rule / Forfeit

A ‘No Show’ is defined as a team not turning up for a fixture at all, or less than 4 players on the court ready to start within 1 minute of the scheduled starting time (i.e. – 9pm game tip off will be 9.05pm. Players must be ready and details provided on scoresheets by 9.04pm). Should a team be classified as a ‘no show’ for a fixture on the date organized then a forfeit shall be awarded to the opposing team with a 20-0 result shown on the scoresheet.

3.5.1 If a team decides to abandon the game for whatever reason, without the approval of the other team and / or the referee, it will be viewed as a ‘no show’ in terms of the result.

3.5.2 If the game is stopped by Coaches/Team Managers and the Referees due to, but not limited to emergency evacuation of building, player fighting, referee being threatened etc, and the second half has commenced then the result will stand. However, the whole game will be replayed at a later date, if the first half has not finished unless the AICBL Committee determines otherwise, or both Coaches/Team Managers determine otherwise.


Due to an increasing number of forfeits with very late notice, the AICBL will implement a forfeit penalty fee to teams so they will be responsible for game cancellations. We want our teams to get the most out of our league and forfeit games are not good for opponents who are ready to play.

Therefore we will implement a forfeit penalty fee of $600 HKD. If the team that forfeits the match and request a rematch this may be considered pending approval from the opposing teams captain. The fee for this rematch will be $1200 for the game and $1500 for a fully timed match.

All teams who give notice only one day before game or ON the day will have to pay the penalty fee. All teams who do not show up to the game without notice will also have to pay the penalty fee. If teams do not pay for the fees there will be no further games scheduled for them until league receives the fees. NOTE if teams have some players they can contact the AICBL and we will endeavour to assist find players to join and assist the team have the minimum amount of players to play the match. Note this is not guaranteed so teams should still endeavour to field teams themselves

3.5.4 - Forfeit Penalties - will now be raised to $600 hkd . First forfeit will be penalty , second forfeit teams will forfeit the entire season with no refunds made .

3.5.5 - If opposing teams forfeit , attendance for teams that are present WILL NOT be counted towards their game eligibility .


After 3 forfeits a team shall be considered withdrawn from the league, and rule 3.6 will apply.

3.6 Team Withdrawal from AICBL Competition

Should a team withdraw from the League for any reason/or should a team be requested to leave the AICBL due to disciplinary reasons or other, the following procedures will apply:

3.6.1 Other players shall be sought by the AICBL to ensure the season can continue for that team.

3.6.2 Should a team leave the AICBL all payments made by that team will not be reimbursed.

3.7 Scorekeeping

3.7.1 Any errors or mistakes in scorekeeping by the scorekeeper or timekeeping by the timekeeper involving the score, number of fouls, number of time-outs or time consumed or omitted, may be corrected by the officials at any time before the referee blows the final whistle.

3.7.2 Should the teams concerned have any doubts on the above mentioned, coaches should approach the officials before the final whistle. The AICBL shall not entertain an appeal after the teams have left the courts.

3.8 Venues and Wet Courts

3.8.1 HK Island Venues - We will now extend ourvenues to Ap Lei Chau, North Point, Wong Chuk Hang, and Sai Wan Ho. This is so we can keep games consistent.

3.8.2 Wet Courts - Should the basketball floor become wet, a team may request the referee to stop play whilst the floor is dried. It is recommended each team bring an old towel to mop the floor. This rule is introduced as AICBL does not provide ‘Mop Boys’. Under no circumstance should the officials be asked to mop the floor.

3.9 Players number of games to qualify to play in the playoffs

3.9.1 In order to qualify for the finals, players must have played in two regular season games for 8 games a season conferences and one regular season for 6 games a season conferences. Team captains should ensure that FULL PLAYER NAMES AS PER THEIR HKID / PASSPORT documents are filled out on regular season score sheets to ensure no confusion. We will provide a google document spreadsheet prior to the playoffs to ensure captains can monitor their eligible players

3.10 League Playoff Scheduling, Brackets and Tie Break Procedures

3.10.1 Tie Breaker – If 2 teams tied then the head to head result will apply to determine higher seed. If more than one team tied then the combined head to head results shall apply. If this still is inconclusive then the points margin of victory in the applicable teams head to head games shall be taken into account. The team with the best points winning margin differential will be the higher placed teams.

3.11 AICBL Adults League Rule Modifications

3.11.1 International Rules will be used except for the following noted modifications. Note some features of the international rules to consider -

3.11.2 Shot Clock – 24 seconds all game

3.11.3Time Out Procedures – ONLY 4 TIME OUTS PER GAME and MAXIMUM 2 PER HALF. CANNOT be called by the players in play. Must be dead ball situation then any player and team bench personnel can call time out. NOTE – AICBL games the inbound pass LAST 2 MINUTES will be from CENTRE COURT

3.11.4Basket Wires and Strap Support Violations – Ball contact with these is a violation!

3.11.5Court Markings – NEW INTERNATIONAL markings will be used if court has been adjusted with new markings

3.11.6CHARGE CIRCLE – WILL NOT be used in the AICBL. The complexity of the rule and with players safety of the utmost importance in the league, the CHARGE rule will ALWAYS be enforced

3.11.7Technical Fouls / Flagrant Fouls – As per international rules. 2 shots per offence and possession to the opposing team at mid court

3.11.8Foul Shot Penalties – 2 shots per offence

3.11.9Fouling the player with the ball – Must be the player with the ball fouled. Any other player fouled WITHOUT THE BALL will be a TECHNICAL FOUL. NOTE – Reminder that the defender grabbing offensive player who is heading for a fast break shall be considered an Intentional Fouls (Break Away Foul!)

3.11.10Hand in the Face of Shooter – NOTE New FIBA rules indicates it is a Technical Foul offence for the defender to put a deliberate hand on the face of the shooter to impede his vision for a shot

3.11.11 Mercy Rule - Womens Conference - There will be no full court press allowed for teams with a 10 point lead

3.11.12 Player Benches - All players must stay in their designated areas on the bench and not be at the scorers table. Referees will be encouraged to not let games continue if teams cannot stay on their bench area

3.12Player Eligibilities to play in more than one conference
3.12.1 Players can play in a maximum of 2 divisions / conferencesin AICBL league. Their eligibility will be as below -
Option 1) Play in Pro-Am and Kowloon Conference
Option 2) Play in Kowloon and South A Conference
3.12.2 Players are now allowed to play in 2 separate teams within the same division for regular season, but during playoffs they must only represent one team.
3.12.3 Registered HKBA Division 1 players(during or off season) - are only allowed to participate in Pro-Am or Kowloon division.

3.13Players names and eligibility Identification check – Before / during the season Team Captains must provide EXACT names of players as per their identification documents. During the season players will also be required to provide or assist the league to attain a player photo to assign them this picture to their player profile on the AICBL website. EACH PLAYOFF GAME players to be eligible to participate MUST PROVIDE AN IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT (HKID/Passport) that matches the players name on the WEBSITE.

3.14 New Season Promotion / Relegation Process – The AICBL shall determine if teams should be able to be promoted and relegated to other conferences.

3.15 Video Recording Procedure – Where the AICBL video records matches it will be at their discretion if these recordings can be used for future Infringement and / or any other team request for review. The recordings of games are provided for the players to review their team’s performances only. Results or complaints or any other team request for review will be at the discretion of the league organiser. Under no circumstances are players or any other officials / spectators etc allowed to access or make copies of these recordings

3.16 Players abilities asessment for appropriate conference - The AICBL retains the rigth tp assess if a players is playing in the appropriate conference. The league will consider factors such asteam strength and experience in making these decisions. The league shall exect that league teams willendeavor to play 'in good league spirit' yhat are appropriate for their conference.


3.17.1 - PRO AM FEE PAYABLE - Any players who attend Jump 10 / Pro Am event shall be required to sign a contract or endorsements are attained then players will need to pay 3% fee to group for 5 years. League captains add here to the agreement that any member of their team will be required to abide to this fee agreement. This is enforceable by teams entering a team in the league and players must be informed of this requirement.

4. League Referees

4.1 The AICBL will have a balanced referee panel mixing up local HK, Philippines and other suitably qualified referees. The AICBL will endeavour to educate and support referee development with a number of ongoing initiatives. Referee training and development will be an ongoing goal of the AICBL. Players are encouraged to respect that ongoing training, development, and support of referees is an all encompassing affair. Player support and understanding will be required as a part of this process.

4.2 Players Conduct – Overly aggressive behaviour aimed towards referees will not be tolerated. Initial venting will be allowed however excessive arguing, swearing, questioning calls and disruptive behaviour will receive a technical foul. The referee has the discretion to give a warning to players HOWEVER is not a pre requisite for a Technical Foul to be awarded.

4.3 Team Captains can correspond with the referee – Team Captains are permitted WHERE time permits to discuss calls with the referee. However this is at the discretion of the referee. Excessive questioning and clarifications of referee decisions by players will not be tolerated in the AICBL.

5. League Divisions/Conferences

5.1 There may be multiple divisions in each league depending on the number of team entries.

5.1.1 The AICBL will make the decision on teams moving from one division to another, with the final say being with the AICBL Organiser.

5.1.2 Players can only play on ONE TEAM per Conference. Players being able to move up or down a division or team will be assessed by the AICBL Organiser.

5.1.3 Cup, Plate, Bowl Play off format where players participate on more than one team – If a team is scheduled to meet in the playoffs where a player has played for both teams, then the team with the LOWEST RANKING will be the team the player must play for. The player has the option of sitting out the contest if this is cause for issues for the opposing teams

5.1.4 Playoffs - All conferences will be Top 4 placed teams only and will be fully timed games

6. League Scheduling Process

6.1 Prior to season commencement

The AICBL will send an email requesting team preferences to team captains – Game Days, Conferences etc

Team’s captains will email their preferred game days (Monday to Thursday). Teams can provide a game day they WOULD prefer NOT to play. Note the AICBL will endeavour to schedule around this preference as much as practically possible however this is NOT GUARANTEED due to difficulties attaining courts for matches

6.2 During season

The AICBL will give at least 5 days notice of game times to the TEAM CAPTAIN or REPRESENTATIVE

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS – There will be no AICBL games on a Public Holiday. Games may be played the day before a public holiday

NO PLAY DATES – The AICBL will not consider NO PLAY DATES unless with written notice and with two weeks notice of the date the team cannot play their potential games. PLAYOFF Games there are NO PLAY DATES requests allowed under any circumstances

PLAYERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO JOIN THE LEAGUE FACEBOOK PAGE. Ongoing updates of schedules and league information will be posted here. The AICBL does not take responsibility for teams not knowing the updates when they have been provided. The league organiser will send a weekly message reminder on watts app/Facebook and email to teams captains however the responsibility is on each team to monitor the website for scheduled matches. NOTE – All PLAYOFF matches will be posted in the ‘PLAYOFFS’ section of the website. REGULAR SEASON games will be posted on the ‘SCHEDULE’ section of the website

PLAYOFFS - Note there can be teams that are required to play twice in the same week. The league will endeavour to give at least one days break in between the matches.

Once the season has commenced team preferences CANNOT be altered

Game schedules will be published on the League Website at least 5 days in advance

10pm Games – The League where reasonably possible will not give teams more than half their matches commencing at 10pm

Friday matches – Due to court booking limitations and feedback players wish to play as often as possible the league will now have Friday schedules. All teams will be expected to play Friday matches as a condition of enrolment in the AICBL. 8 games conferences will be expected to be available 2 Fridays per regular season and 6 game conferences 1 regular season match. Playoffs matches all conference teams will be expected to be available for 1 finals match

Game RESCHEDULING PROCESS - Teams have an opportunity if THEY EMAIL REQUEST to to request game swaps / reschedule. This will be if ALL APPLICABLE team captains that they agree to swap requests and the request must be made at least 3 days in advance of the scheduled match. Where request has been approved by the AICBL and teams involved then the fee for the changes are charged at $350 per hour. This fee must be paid by the requesting team PRIOR to final approval.

Please check rule 3.1.3 Re Fully Timed Game Scheduling

7. Team and Player Registration

7.1 Number of Team Players – 12 maximum players allowed per game. Players names and details must be provided by the team captain

7.1.1 Team Rosters - teams can now only summit a maximum of 15 players for the rosters. 12 fixed players and 3 spots which can be changed once for the season . Any additional changes will not be allowed .

This is to help maintain a consistent roster , and to have full commitment from teams and players

7.1.2 One Coach and an Assistant Coach or Team Manager is permitted to sit on the team bench. A statistician, who may be a registered player, NOT in uniform may also sit on the bench, who are bound by all rules related to the code of conduct for coaches. SPECTATORS if they sit or are near the team bench may be considered team personnel and are required to act in accordance to league rules

7.2 Team Registration

7.2.1 Each team entered must send in a Registration Form before their first game is played agreeing to the terms and conditions and policies of the league. If this is not completed then rule 11.1 applies

7.3 Team Registration Fees

7.3.1 Fees per team entered in each age group league is $7400 per season for the men and $5400 for the women. If teams pay in full ONE WEEK before the new season commencement then they will be entitled to an ‘early bird’ discount. This will be $7030 for the men and $5130 for the women

7.3.2 Payment for all teams entered is required to be made before the first game of the season.

7.3.3 To register your team please deposit the $3700hk fee (men) and $2700 (women) to the following account. The final balance will be required by the second scheduled game.

Account Details – Hang Seng – Account Name – Ozlink Ltd – Account Number – 773 617857 883

7.3.4 - Team Bond Payments - All teams will need to supply a $600 bond each season. This is for insurance for any forfeits / rescheduling purposes. Teams must always have the $600 balance each season

7.3.5 - Refunds of fees / bonds - If the league has to repay any fees and bonds (subject to league rules) then this will be done on the following dates thats closest to the end of the prior season - March 31, July 15, October 31 and January 15.

8. Competition Format

8.1 Teams in each division will usually compete on a round robin format, followed by semi-finals and finals to decide the Conference/Division winners. However, this will be subject to the number of teams entered and other formats will be used if deemed necessary by the league administrator. Where possible a Cup, Plate and Bowl format will be used for playoff games

9. Match Results & Reports

9.1 After each game the Game Supervisor will oversee a game report. This shall be available with the game results and statistics on the league website shortly following the played games.

10. AICBL Competition Prizes and Awards

10.1 Each Winner and Runner Up players shall receive an award

10.2 History and recognition – The AICBL will endeavour to monitor and record each season’s highlights in the AICBL

11. AICBL Competition Regulations

11.1 By making an enrolment / application to the AICBL, all participating team/clubs/schools are to abide by all AICBL rules, regulations, and code of conduct. Each team is to provide a team captain and they will be responsible for all of their teams actions while participating in the league. The AICBL requires a second or other team contact that takes responsibility of the team if the primary captain is absent during a scheduled match

12. Coach / Captain / Team Manager Duties & Responsibilities

12.1 Before all games the Captain/Coach/Team Manager must write on the score sheet the ‘full’ names of all their players who will play in their team on game day, including the player number. This should be completed 5 minutes before the match commences so that the game can tip off on time. This serves as an official record of the team and can be utilised in case of any future dispute.

12.2 All coaches/team managers must adhere to the AICBL Coaches’ Rules and Codes of Conduct, and ensure that all players, parents and school administrators fully understand the AICBL Codes of Behaviour its objectives, rules and penalties.

13. Competition Infringements & Penalties

13.1 Teams shall always act in a sporting manner and should respect the officials’ decisions. When a team acts persistently against the AICBL Rules and Regulations, the AICBL Disciplinary Committee has the right to remove an offending team’s invitation to any AICBL competition.

13.2 The AICBL does not condone nor permit swearing or aggressive behaviour directed at referees. Such incidents are considered un-sporting and unacceptable, and the referees are instructed to dismiss players for such acts. This rule extends to players, officials and spectators who are not on the court of play.

13.3 AICBL officials and coaches are encouraged to inform the AICBL Administration of any player, coaches or spectators who persistently breach the ‘AICBL Code of Conduct’. In such circumstances the referees will complete an incident report. Should a referee feel the need to report a player, the player will be brought before the AICBL Disciplinary Committee.

13.4 Any team playing an unregistered player will result in that game being awarded to the opposition 20 - 0. This is an automatic process without warning.

13.5 Any team playing an ineligible player will result in that game being awarded to the opposition 20 - 0. In addition, the infringing team will be deducted a further penalty of three points and the incident will be forwarded to the Disciplinary Committee.

13.6 A player who is ejected from a game (excluding 5 personal fouls) or receives a technical foul may be required to face the AICBL Disciplinary Committee before their next league game.

13.7 Should a Coach be ejected during a game, the Coach shall not be allowed to coach the next game. Should a Coach be thrown out twice in one season the Coach will not be allowed at the court side for the next three games.

13.7.1 Coaches/Team Managers receiving a technical foul should may be reported to the AICBL disciplinary committee. The AICBL infringement penalties will also be applicable to the Coach / Manager

13.8 Fighting will not be tolerated in the AICBL. Game Supervisors have the discretion to call the police if a player(s) engage in fighting and overly aggressive behaviour. Players ejected from the game MUST leave the gym facilities. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit by a team with the offending player. If both teams players ejected refuse to leave the gym then the Supervisor has the right to forfeit the game to which team he/she deems applicable.

13.9 Failure to submit league fee payment prior to the second game of the season will result in the loss of all points.

13.10 Infringement Penalties – Where a player is required to attend a disciplinary meeting for ejections and / or any other reported offence, the committee will have the final penalty say.

13.10.1Technical Fouls process – A player ejected and/or receiving 2 technical fouls will automatically receive a 1 match suspension. The second ejection/2 tech fouls shall receive a 2 game suspension. The third offence automatically receives a one season suspension. These suspensions shall cover the remaining current season PLUS the following AICBL season. This will apply to ALL teams entered in the AICBL

13.11 Fighting Penalties - Where a fight occurs then the following set rules apply. NOTE this is at the discretion of the league as to whether these are enough. The AICBL reserves the right to increase these suspensions at their discretion

  • Player Initiating the first strike – 4 games minimum suspension (First Offence). Second offence is season/league disqualification
  • Player responding / provoking the incident – 2 games minimum suspension (First Offence). Second offence is season/league disqualification
  • Fights may not be required to be referred to the Disciplinary Committee if it is deemed the suspensions are clear to the league organiser

13.12 Technical Fouls per season - once a player receives a third technical foul in one season the player receives an automatic one match suspension. Once the player is eligible to play then every ensuing technical foul will receive a further one game suspension and subsequent matches for the remainder for the season. A reminder an ejection from the game is an automatic one game suspension (as per league rules). A double technical foul is two technical fouls for the player when tracking season technical fouls

13.13 Reckless Behaviour – Players must show a ‘Duty of Care’ when playing matches. Player safety must be of primary importance. If a player is deemed to have shown excessive aggression and / or any other form of reckless play then the player/s may be deemed to have made an offence. This may be reviewable by the Disciplinary Committee

14. Disciplinary Committee Process

The league organiser will review any received complaints, disciplinary/ infringement issues from AICBL operations. The organiser shall follow the complaint process and also to assess if a Competition Infringement (rule 13) has occurred. It will be decided if a disciplinary committee is required to adjudicate on the matter.

The league organiser will then formulate a committee meeting comprising of the league organiser and two other members. This will be one referee and the other member can be a member of staff / a league team representative as per rule 2.2 (AICBL disciplinary committee).

It will be decided if the evidence supplied by the parties involved is sufficient to have a meeting without player/other parties involved participation. If player / other parties involved is required to attend a meeting then details will be provided and a suitable date of the meeting shall be communicated to all involved.

At the committee meeting evidence will be examined by the committee and a decision will be made if a penalty shall apply or more information is required.

The committee has the right to overturn referee decisions and league results pending the committee’s findings.

Meeting minutes will be taken to be provided to the parties involved of the decision.

15. Appeal Process

15.1 Any individual, referee or team may file an appeal with the AICBL Disciplinary Committee related to incidences which occurred before, during or after a AICBL game.

15.2 Each appeal must contain full details of the alleged incidences and must conclude with a recommendation or request for disciplinary action. In addition, the following conditions and process applies:

15.2.1 The appeal must be filed with the AICBL Administrator within 72 hours following the game.

15.2.2 Appeal must be accompanied by a cheque for $500HK made payable to Ozlink Ltd. The AICBL Chair will decide the process required based on the relevant circumstances after consulting the AICBL Committee. The $500hk will be refunded if the appeal is upheld and is not refundable if the protest is dismissed.

15.2.3 Following the receipt of the appeal, the game referees and all other team representatives will be forwarded the appeal report and invited to submit their views.

15.2.4 Views must be submitted to the Committee within 72 hours.

15.2.5 Disciplinary action may include, but will not be limited to, game bans for individual players, points deducted from teams and/or team participation in AICBL being withdrawn.

16. Limited Liability

16.1 All Coaches/Team Managers are fully aware and agree that no medically trained staff will be provided at any of the fixtures organized by AICBL. When any injury occurs an ambulance will be recommended to be called

16.2 All Coaches/Team Managers are fully aware that the AICBL provides no insurance coverage whatsoever for any players.

16.3 All teams are advised to bring their own first aid kit to every game.

17 AICBL complaint process

AICBL teams / players are able to make complaints about the league operations. First contact of the complaint should be the league supervisor to see if a resolution can be reached on the matter. If it cannot be resolved then a formal complaint may be made in writing and emailed to the league organiser. The league organiser will then respond and endeavour to make a process of action or a solution at that time. If not the organiser will communicate the proposed time frame of the process to achieve a resolution to the complaint

18. Indemnity

18.1 The AICBL, Technical Committee, Be Fit Sports (and applicable staff used) and its sponsors shall be indemnified against all actions, suit, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses whatsoever which may be taken against it, in respect of death, injury, disability or damage in whatsoever nature which may be caused or suffered by reason of participation in the AICBL.

18.2 While the AICBL, Technical Committee, Be Fit Sports (and applicable staff used) and its sponsors will endeavour to provide applicably qualified staff and personal it cannot be guaranteed that fully credentialed personnel can be provided. Any participant and / or associate of participants understand and abide by this admission when participating in the AICBL.

18.3 ALL DECISIONS made on any aspect of the AICBL operations shall be FINAL

19. 2020 - Corona Virus League Operations

The AICBL shall follow each Venues Health and Safety Policies. We expect and comply with facility officials directions each league day. While the league will always operate in the best interests of players and officials, note rules as per ‘Rule 18 Indemnity’ and ‘12. Coach / Captain / Team Manager Duties & Responsibilities’ applies

19.1 - Face Masks - Bench Officials will be expected to wear face masks at all times. Players should also follow the most recent government guidelines of mask wearing to and from league games

19.2 - Players, Staff and Spectators - As of OCT‘20 all Teams Captains should ensure all players and supporters who attend matches have completed a one time provided Health Declaration Form (as per rule 3.13.Players names and eligibility Identification check. Players details on the form must match their HKID /ID Document). Captains are also to ensure each match if any changes of circumstances or any concerns or illnesses of their team members. This must be reported immediately to the AICBL. PLAYERS MUST NOT ATTEND ANY MATCHES IF FEELING UNWELL AND/OR HAVE A TEMPERATURE.

Code of Conduct Overview

The aim of the Code of Conduct is to provide an agreed upon document that outlines the aims and responsibilities of all people involved in teams; coaches, players and parents. In the end, the idea is to have fun, enjoy team spirit and play the game in a responsible, fair way. The Code of Conduct of the AICBL will be an underpinning tool to the league rules and regulations of the league. All players, coaches, parents and even spectators should adhere to the codes. Copies of the Codes of Conducts should be distributed to members and discussed accordingly. An overview of the role of the Game Supervisor that oversees that the Conduct is being implemented at games will be made available on the website

Player Code of Conduct

  1. Play within the rules of the game
  2. Play the game in a spirit of fairness
  3. Be sporting at all times
  4. Respect the decisions of all officials whether you agree with them or not, their decision is final
  5. Do not use abusive language or gestures
  6. Always shake hands at the end of a game whether it is a win, loss or draw
  7. Any incidences stay on the field and there should be no ‘afters’
  8. Strive to win but it is not the most important thing
  9. Respect your opposition and their coaching staff
  10. Learn the laws and know how to referee
  11. Your team mates are your friends, treat them like you would want to be treated

Coach Code of Conduct

  1. Be prepared for every session
  2. Always be on time for sessions and matches
  3. Take care of all of your players equally
  4. Know the ability and level of development in your players so as to match your sessions to them personally
  5. Teach your players the meaning of ‘fair play’ and encourage them to play that way
  6. Do not undermine the officials in any way and do not allow this behaviour from your players
  7. Do not coach under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  8. Do not smoke while coaching
  9. Do not ridicule or belittle players
  10. Dress in an appropriate, prepared manner
  11. Interact with parents and listen carefully to any concerns they may have
  12. Make sure all equipment and facilities are safe
  13. Never ‘join in’ with drills or games, this is dangerous
  14. Learn the laws and know how to referee
  15. Be generous with your praise and gain respect by being fair
  16. Understand that children are very sensitive to criticism and any negative comments should be surrounded by positive ones

Remember, the children you coach look at you as a role model. Everything you do during training sessions, matches and tournaments is seen as an example. Do not let them down by acting inappropriately.

Parent Code of Conduct

  1. No child should ever be forced to participate
  2. When watching remember that your child will want to impress you and not feel threatened by you
  3. Encourage your child to play by the rules of the game
  4. Do not undermine the officials in any way
  5. Do not put excessive emphasis on winning, losing can still supply children with valuable learning experiences
  6. Do not use abusive language or gestures
  7. Teach your child the meaning of ‘fair play’ and encourage them to play that way
  8. Do not shout or gesture angrily at your child while they are playing or training
  9. Never do anything that will bring the game into disrepute

Spectators Code of Conduct

  1. Remember that most people play sport for enjoyment
  2. Accept the decisions of all referees as being fair and being called to the best of their ability
  3. Always be positive in your support for players
  4. Condemn the use of violence in any form
  5. Respect your teams opponents, officials and spectators
  6. Encourage players to obey the rules and accept decisions by officials
  7. Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using fould language or harassing players, coaches or officials
  8. Respect the rights, dignity and respect of every person
  9. Keep children in care under control
  10. Always treat the facilities and equipment provided with respect

Remember your all sports participants want to play sport to have fun. They should be allowed to participate without feeling a pressure to succeed.