Season 20 Enrollment details

Dear captains , 

Our season 20 enrolment has begun ! 

Please give us a reply regarding if your team will continue ! 

We have early bird discount until the 25th of February ! 

Again we will have 4 conferences 

Hong Kong (div 1) 
Kowloon (Div 2) 
South A (Div 3)
South B (Div 4 )

Hong Kong conference will be 6 stop clocked games - top 4 in playoffs 

Kowloon , south A and south B will be 8 running clock games - top 4 in playoffs 

Existing team fees : 
$ 7100 ( unless outstanding deposit ) 

New team fees :
$7400 + $600 deposit for reschedule and forfeit use 

All deposits will be fully refundable when teams decide to leave league . 

Each division will have a team limit of 9 teams. Division spots Will be first paid first served. 

Please transfer to below account and send us deposit slip for record to confirm payment 

Hang seng 
Ozlink ltd 

Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding coming season and we look forward to your continue support and participation !