Season 18 enrolment details updated

Dear captains ,

We are accepting enrolment for season 18 ! Our season will start on 22nd of May ( target finish by August)

HK (stop clock)and women conference(running clock) guaranteed 6 games Kowloon, South A and South B guaranteed 8 games ( all running clock) Men's team fees :$7400 Women's team fees:5400 (All fees plus $600 for new teams , only used for reschedule or forfeits)

-Electronic scoreboard -Stats keeping -MVP awards -Champion and runners up cup and medals - video recording

1:SCHEDULING (GAME FREQUENCY ) This season are are focusing on our game schedules as we want teams to play more often , therefore we are limiting to 1 stop clock conference , and 4 running clock conferences .

2: GAME SCHEDULE NOTICE This season we will have 2 weeks advanced notice , with one week as predicted notice (as government courts can only be secured 10 days in advance ) and one week as secured notice. Teams who want to reschedule or make changes can only do so before the 1 week secured notice is out ! This will hopefully allow teams more time to prepare and prevent short notice forfeits and reschedules! Teams will be notified every Wednesday on schedule update through whatsapp , Facebook and email

3:REFERRAL FEE If existing teams refer new teams to join the league , upon successful application of new team(paid) , there will be $500 dollars referral fee rewarded to the existing team ! The more referrals the more rewards !

4: PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY Due to inefficient turnout from last season , we have decided to to change the number of games played to be eligible for playoffs . HK and Women conference will be 1 game , Kowloon , south A and B will be 2 games . This should ease the pressure for those who constantly travel for work .

5:PLAYOFF FORMAT Playoffs will now be top 4 teams from each conference , and all playoff games will be stop clock format ! We hope these changes will improve our league , and to enhance player experience !

To enrol please visit Whatsapp or email Justin for any questions or more details . Whatsapp :62233270 Email :